Friday, January 16, 2009

My ISB essays

I am uploading my essays here which I submitted to ISB. May be it could be of help to you.I got a call for the interview, so I feel these essays must be good enough. My advice to you for writing essay is to keep it as original as possible.

Click on the pictures below for better view.


  1. hey was going through your essays. very well written. So did you get through the interview ?

  2. hey... nice essays... did u make it into isb?

  3. Hi Smita

    Can I know your complete profile. I mean first 4 things. GMAT,EC,GPA and work ex.

    Its wonderful that you shared your essays. It will give applicants a true idea of quality essays.

    I would love to add actual admits to the analysis where more than 2500 admits are participating.

  4. hey,
    just wanted to let you know that your reaching out to other aspirants is much appreciated. Was writing my essays, read yours, and suddenly the missing links fell into've done an amazing job of backing your strengths with clearly structured, well written points :)

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